Tom Petranoff, founder of TurboZones, is a two-time world record holder in the javelin throw. At the age of 19, Tom Petranoff threw the javelin for the first time. Six years later, he set his first world record of 99.72 meters (327 feet, 3 inches). The previous world record was 96.72 meters. Tom went on to compete in many Olympics, World Championships and elite level competitions. He was ranked in the Top 10 in the world for 10 years, not to mention #1 in the USA for 7 years. He set another world record in Finland in 1986.

In 1988 Tom decided to move his family to South Africa where he then again went on to set more American and African records. There, and emotionally moved by the prevalence of disadvantage, poverty, and stigma that plagued far too many, Tom began working in the South African townships. He worked with the children who not only did not have the opportunity to see a javelin, let alone throw one, they had few opportunities of any kind. They certainly did not have the opportunity to know the joy of sport and the safe, healthful, effective understanding of it. This realization was the stepping stone to Tom's conceiving the first TurboJav™. The question Tom put to himself to solve was this: How can you teach children in the best possible way? And, for Tom, the "best possible way" required an implement that promoted correct physical technique; was wrapped around activities that were fun; opened the door to other sports and healthful activities; was affordable, even to those who are without; could sidestep the barriers of disability, stigma and more to be accessible to all--and above all, was safe!

For each and every one of these reasons, Tom designed the TurboJav for children (and adults!) from all walks of life. Each one of these reasons also forms the foundation on which TurboZones now proudly stands.

The patented TurboJav was originally designed in 1991 and has since progressed through 6 different models to where it is today. Not just a safe training implement to teach children of all ages the basics of the javelin throw, the TurboJav teaches throwers of every discipline the correct techniques associated with leverage and center of gravity to develop the essential motor memory needed to throw any implement correctly.

At age 44, Tom Petranoff, the founder of TurboZones, is still actively throwing the javelin, but his main focus is now as teacher of throwing technique and world ambassador of the company's superior line of products.
Thanks to Tom, the legend continues!