Joe Napoli is the NJ Chairman for the "NTCA" and is currently working very closely with Tom Petranoff in bringing the "Worlds Longest Throw Club" to NJ. Volunteering his time at Howell HS as the throws coach Joe brings with him over 25 years of throwing experience. Seeing the need for training and coaching in his area he recently started "Joe Napoli’s Throws Training". The focus of the program is educating the athlete and building athleticism through body awareness and proper technique that will increase the opportunity in reaching higher levels of sport performance.

Napoli who was recruited and coached by Olympian Al Schoterman attended Kent State University on a full scholarship in T&F and graduated in 1986 with a BS in Physical Education. During his Junior and Senior years at KSU he was Co-Captain of the T&F team. Joe’s knowledge, passion and versatility in all of the throwing events made him a force to be reckoned with.

Some Accomplishments:
•All-American: USA Masters Discus 2004/2005
•4x Mid-American Conference Shot/Discus Champ and former school record holder (Discus)
•Collegiate bests: (S-57’-11", D-185’-4", J-207’-11" H-184’-7", 35#-59’-9")
•Post Collegiate: Discus-187’-10"
•All-American: St. Peter’s Boy’s HS S.I., N.Y. (S-60’-4", D-179’-7", J-185’-10", H-175’-0" 25#- 52’-0")

Joe and his wife Ellen have lived in Howell, NJ for the past 14 years and he has proudly worked for Colavita USA as the Operations Manager for 19 years. He enjoys family time together and stays very active training/coaching his three girls Brittany 16, Samantha 14 and Priscilla 13.