Jay Silvester

He may describe his career as a series of stunning moments, but to us they may have been more monumental.

In his competitive career that spanned 4 Olympiads, he was a member of the 1964, 68, 72 and 76 teams. Three times he won the US Olympic trials, and garnered a silver medal at the 1972 Munich Games. He just missed the medals in 1964, finishing 4th, and added a 5th place finish in 1968 and 8th in 1976.

Four times he would set the world record in the discus, his first coming in 1961 when he extended the standard to 1988. He was the first man to throw beyond 220, reaching 2245 in 1968. He would also be the first man to break 230, with an unratified effort of 23011 in 1971. His final world record would reach 68.40 in 1968. His record would stand for nearly 7 years, before being eclipsed by fellow Hall of Famer John Powell. He remains today as one of the top 20 throwers of all time.

5 times he was US national champion, and he wore the red, white and blue on 18 international teams.

Records Held
World Record: Discus Throw - 68.40 m (September 18, 1968 - )

1964 Olympics: Discus Throw (4th)
1968 Olympics: Discus Throw (5th)
1972 Olympics: Discus Throw (2nd)
1976 Olympics: Discus Throw (8th)

Undergraduate: Utah State (Logan, Utah), 1959